Lisa was amazing to work with during my third pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Lisa is very knowledgeable and professional. Every visit felt like we were chatting with a friend.  Lisa has a way of making you feel safe and loved. Lisa not only listens but she offers encouragement. She takes time to get know you and your family.

The support and gentle guidance during the birth was fantastic.  We are forever grateful that God put Lisa in our lives! 

Tracy C. ~ Charlotte, NC

My husband and I were looking for a specific type of midwife. She must be caring, have a sense of humour, have a connection to our Creator, trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced and professional. After searching the area and praying about who would be the best choice to help bring my angel into the world, Lisa was exactly the midwife we were looking for.

I looked forward to visits with Lisa (and Elisa) during my pregnancy.  She kept me calm and relaxed even though this was my first. Labour was enjoyable and there was laughing and talking, which was right for my husband and I. We had a very healthy girl and Lisa exceeded our wishes and we will be calling her up for our next home birth.

~Laura V. ~ Charlotte, NC

Lisa was the midwife for the birth of my daughter. My husband and I had decided against a hospital birth after the births of our other 2 children in hospitals. We desired a more natural and personal experience and that is exactly what we got. Lisa was like a trusted friend throughout my pregnancy. She made me feel at ease and comfortable with every step. When it came time for the birth, everything progressed according to our birthing plan. I felt cared for and safe. Lisa was encouraging and knowledgeable- she talked me through each step and took excellent care of my baby when she was born.

Having Lisa as a midwife, for me, was different than a doctor because I felt like I got all of the knowledge and care that a doctor would give, but all of the encouragement and love of a friend.
~Amanda P. ~Fort Mill, SC

My family is so thankful for Lisa.  I have delivered two babies under her care and they were both very healthy with peaceful births.  Lisa helped me feel comfortable going through my first pregnancy.   At the traditional doctor’s office, I felt  like a cog being pushed through the system and hooked up to one machine after another. With both pregnancies, I likely would have been pushed into inductions and even C-sections because my babies weren’t ready to be born at 40 weeks. Instead, I was able to have 2 natural birth deliveries for 2 very healthy babies.

Lisa treated me like a person, including touching my belly to feel how the babies were positioned and asking about their activity.  She always took the time to listen to what was going on with my body, my babies and any other issues in life that might impact my health. She was reasonable and cared about what we desired for our family’s birth experience and healthcare, but was also making sure that things fell within the low-risk parameters for her care as our midwife.

Lisa treats her patients with the ultimate care and respect.  I highly recommend choosing her for your prenatal and birth healthcare professional. Our family would not be what it is today without her excellent care.

Jennifer G. ~Charlotte

I found Lisa during my third trimester after searching for many weeks for a midwife who would accept and support my plan for giving birth to my second child at home. Once my husband and I met her, we both shared the same feeling that she would be the perfect midwife to assist us with our home birth.  She is very knowledgeable about the care of the mother and child during pregnancy, and makes appropriate suggestions when needed without leaving you feeling powerless over your options and decisions. 

Our visits were more “sister friendly”, she shared her personal experiences and the lessons learned from caring for other women, which made it feel professionally unstructured and personalized.  She advised which tests were or weren’t necessary based on my lab work and provided history, leaving me with choices but also adamant about test she must perform. On the day my daughter arrived, her assistance was exactly how we discussed it.  I felt I was in complete control over the delivery while she remained by my side assisting me with whatever I needed.  Overall, it was a pleasant experience having Lisa as my midwife – she listened attentively, was reliable and timely; and provided me with the necessary information so I can make informed decisions.

Thanks Lisa!

Felicia H. ~Charlotte