Natural Childbirth

I believe that pregnancy and childbirth are normal natural events, requiring minimal intervention. It is also my belief that the location of birth should be a place where the mother feels most comfortable & safe, which is either home or a birthing center. I offer both a home birth and birth center option.

In order to facilitate normal pregnancy outcomes as a midwife I provide education and knowledge to inform my mothers in regards to every aspect of her care. Informed consent and informed choice are vital components of complete midwifery

I believe in explaining the risks, benefits and alternatives for each procedure and informing my clients in a manner they can easily understand. I respect the decisions of my clients and ask permission before performing any tests or procedures. Along with informed choice I am devoted to promoting healthy lifestyle changes by offering nutritional counseling, thorough physical examinations and ongoing risk assessments.

Continuity of care throughout the prenatal period, during labor, birth and in postpartum helps establish a strong bond of trust and familiarity between the midwife and client, further enhancing a positive outcome.

Not only do I honor the miraculous event of birth, but I recognize that culture and spiritual beliefs can greatly influence the way a person learns and experiences birth. By respecting and acknowledging diversity in my clients, birth does not become programmed or regimented. Instead, it is a special and memorable event in which all who are involved are touched and changed in a unique, personal, and intimate way. I believe it is God who ultimately delivers babies and brings forth new life and I am just a vessel of knowledge He uses to help assist in the process.

Are you new to natural childbirth? We have plenty of classes to help you in your journey, just ask.