My Journey

My journey as a midwife began with the birth of my third child under the care and guidance of a midwife in S. Florida, 13 years ago. Compared to the birth of my first two children which were fear based, extremely cold and medically managed, this was the most supernatural, empowering experience in my life! It completely changed my perception of the child-bearing process and how women should give birth.

Soon after my third birth, I responded to an inspired leading and calling to become a midwife and impart that same gift I had experienced to other women and their families. My husband, completely supported me through my three year training and in August 2000, I obtained my license to practice midwifery in Florida, and I began my private practice

n 2004 our family to the Charlotte area, which was a completely different legal climate than what I was accustomed to in Florida. But through prayer and determination, we felt the need to move to the Fort Mill area where we currently reside, and where midwifery is legal.