Charlotte Midwife

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are amazing experiences, as well as life changing for women and their families. Make sure that your birth is the one you want.

At Birth by Design Midwifery and Doula Services, we believe that birth is a healthy, normal process, and that women’s bodies are created to birth and to breastfeed naturally, with little to no intervention.

We also believe that women who educate themselves about their options for birth, feel comfortable because of the educated choices they made, and who are supported in their choices have the most positive experiences. 

People are becoming more and more educated about today's variety of birth options We can help you make the right choice, whether it be hospital, water birth, birth center or in home, Birth by Design can assist. 

For women who choose a hospital or birth center birth, Doula Services are offered in North and South Carolina. Recent controlled trials involving over a thousand women demonstrate that the presence of a doula results in:

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